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Wild green soup

June 3, 2023

Wild Green Soup. Servings: 7  Recommended to prepare for the week , freeze daily portion in small containers)

Ingredients all organic and/or wild crafted:

1Tsp Coconut oil,1 small onion, 2 cloves of garlic ,1 large orange Kumara Spices (tumeric, tamari or salt, chili or cayenne, vegie both, nutmeg, rosemary, bay leaf paprika.Most important : An Abundance of wild Greens, Seaweed and dash of coconut cream.


Heat the oil, and sautee onions and garlic, add cubed kumara. Go in your garden and pick one colander full with garden greens such as: Dandelion, plantain ,nettle, violet leaves, borage, comfrey, puha ,yarrow leaves, chickweed, cleavers, nasturtium, beetroot greens, parsley, spinach, kale .The medicinal greens should make the main part. Cut them small and add to the soup. Add water to cover. Add 1 cup of seaweed. Red seaweed for people with hyperactive thyroid, others can use wakame which is the kelp family . Simmer for 30 minutes, than add half a cup of coconut cream. Puree with electric mixer. Add more spices for taste.

Benefits (why this wild green soup is such a healing food)

This soup is as powerful as fresh-juiced drinks but easier to digest with weak systems or in winter.It supplies the body with vitality, because wild foods are offering a much wider range of nutrients and higher amounts of minerals and vitamins than commercially grown vegetables. All plants lose high amounts of nutrients the longer they are lying around, get packaged, stored and shipped before we finally get to eat them.Fresh picked herbs, vegies and fruits have the highest amounts. One more good reason to get a small garden going! Roaming around in it is highly medicinal too! And one gardener in the movie ‘Earth whisperers’ said that your footprints are the best compost. Because the plants adjust their potential according to your needs. The medicinal plants are supportive for all the inner organ-systems, but in particular act stimulating on liver, stomach and pancreas through the bitters. Digestive secretion gets enhanced and enzymes released to optimise metabolism. We need the bitter taste as we need all 5 tastes in our diet. Mostly we have salty and sweet these days though. Most of us have lost our sense of taste through amazing amounts of food additives in all the processed foods as well (such as MSG). The bitter taste is needed to stimulate the flow of digestive secretions, which are helping to break down our food and enable us to get the nutrients broken down and feeding every cell in our body .Nettle and cleavers aid kidney function, cleavers and plantain are clearing blood and lymph of toxins.The spices, coconut oil and the Seaweed are all Super-foods in their own right. Even the onions and garlic! Seaweed has the ability to repair tissues in the body, such as the walls of our intestines. It has high amounts of minerals, which the land plants are lacking. It also helps inner lubrication, so is really good during menopausal years.


The soup can have detoxing effects such as slight headaches and faster transit time in the colon.These are good signs. These effects usually take 2 days. Reduce the amount of daily soup if the reaction is too strong. Or give me a call if in


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