Intimate support, facilitating your growth

Our physical body needs good nutrition, our consciousness body needs divine inspiration,
and our energetic body flow.

Soul Health Coaching 


A Soul Health Coaching session is a ‘conscious conversation’ and intentional inquiry into the various aspects of who we are – in body, mind and spirit – to understand and determine where imbalances may be and understand presenting issues on a deeper level.

I often work with the medicine wheel as a sacred tool to support the healing journey which is a multi-dimensional process involving all of who you are and what you bring.

When we are looking at the physical body and possibly acute or chronic symptoms we might include naturopathic examinations and intake forms if needed . We will develop a personalised treatment plan, including nutrient guidelines utilising food as medicine, herbal remedies, energetic movement, meditation practises and various additional treatments.

As an option the session can begin with a comprehensive intake form, which initiates a deep, personal conversation. As we get to  discover the underlying themes the issues which lie at the root of many symptoms start to emerge.



“Blood follows Qi
Qi follows the mind
Mind follows spirit
Spirit follows the Dao”

When talking to clients I suggest to read this statement from Lao Tzu from the bottom up, as it makes
it easier to grasp the deeper meaning:

If you loose your connection to Oneness /Dao/ Existence,
or the meaning in life, your spirit has no home.
If your spirit is lost, your mind can’t be at rest and calm.
With a restless mind, the qi flow and your body’s energetic pathways
become blocked and imbalanced.
With blockages, congestion or depletion of Qi, the blood can’t move properly either.
This means your physical body becomes imbalanced and prone to disease if
this becomes a chronic state.
This indicates to us that working with spirit and consciousness is the most important and effective approach as the rest follows naturally!

Soul Health Coaching is also available as a zoom session.

Book your spot to receive the details and the intake form.

“I had my first session by zoom with Sandesh after filling in a very extensive form she had sent me. It asked many questions, both about my physical and emotional health.

When we met online it was as if she knew me already and she got straight to the points that she had picked up from what I had written.
It was so reassuring to communicate with someone who understands me at all levels and I can sense her wisdom in a humble way.
I am looking forward to future sessions, as I feel I have so much I can learn from Sandesh.

– Yolande, Auckland

“Sandesh has a true gift to not only treat what you have asked her to, but to look deeper and find what truly ails you”.

I fully recommend Sandesh’s herbal tinctures, massages and knowledge of herbs. It is with thanks and appreciation for the continued mind/body tuning that I now schedule into my life.


                                                                                                                                                            – Julie K