The second practitioner in the room

Plant Spirit Medicine & Herbal Consults

Plant Spirit Medicine is the second practitioner in the room.


We work with plant spirit or consciousness; understanding that we are deeply interlinked through our evolutionary journey and that we have developed an ongoing, intimate relationship with them. Plants are keen to meet us and are caring friends on our healing journey.
That’s why Plant medicine plays into all of our sessions and treatments.

During a consultation all aspects of the plants come into consideration and are available to be used to treat the symptoms and imbalance plus the underlying issue on the emotional energetic and spiritual level. Thats the way herbs have been used down the ages and we continue in this tradition ,sometimes called vitalist herbalism. We have a huge range of herbal remedies and products to support health on the
3 levels: body, mind and spirit.

We integrate Plant Spirit medicine as oil in a massage treatment.Body oiling with the use of therapeutical herbal oil blends directly works with the autonomic nervous system and brings us back into the rest and relax state. During a whole body energy balancing session we use the high frequency chakra sprays . Dandelion or Mugwort infused castor oil applied as a liver pack, is oftentimes part of a table treatment to revitalise and decongest the liver.

Herbal Health consultation

We offer an intake consultation with a focus on herbal treatment.
It is like a Soul Health Coaching session with this specific focus on herbal medicine. Looking at the underlying issues while treating the acute symptoms, we support body mind and soul in their ability to get back into a state of health and natural homeostasis.

Common issues such as hormonal imbalances, digestive issues or mental and emotional distress can be addressed in this consultation.
In the personalised treatment plan, we dispense our vital tincture or water essences as simples or blends.

These consultations are also available as a zoom session. Contact us through our website to book your consultation and receive your intake form.


“I bought the digestive blend tincture to try help with my gut and digestive system due to severe hand eczema and have since noticed my eczema has completely cleared.All itching and swelling has dissolved.”

Thank you so much!