Accunect Healing

Accunect works within the three bodies – Body, Mind and Energy

Brilliant for releasing limiting beliefs, Accunect works with neuro-links and meridians and actively creates new pathways for more harmony, health and happiness.

What is Accunect Healing


Accunect is a complete energy healing system based on the principles of ancient acupuncture theory.
It’s strength lies in shifting those underlying, limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world. It can create a ‘fresh start’ or reset to the predominantly unconscious and conditioned ways our system usually reacts to life and all perceived threats and challenges.

Accunect can help us to overcome and grow out of old coping mechanisms.
Accunect is gentle and so potent. It always suggests to the body to find a more beneficial way forward rather than assuming something went wrong.
After all – those coping mechanisms helped us survive and protect us from overwhelm in the times we needed it.

When our nervous system can relax, the body will naturally return to a state of homeostasis. Because it is able to create an instant change, Accunect is a powerful tool, and thus is helping us to be more present to every moment.

Accunect also works within the three bodies – body, mind and energy – and follows an intricate ‘health map’ to find the most relevant issues which the body-intelligence reveals to be shifted.
It uses a tapping technique to ‘install’ the changes into the network of informational pathways in the brain and nervous system.
The practitioner draws on their wealth of knowledge and heightened intuition.
Change can be felt immediately and the ongoing process of integration can be felt for a few days following the session.

Accunect can be a stand alone treatment, and is powerful as a distance session. Usually it is also included as an integral part of both the Soul health Coaching and any hands on table sessions.

“The vital body is a little higher than the physical body. If the vital body is set right, the physical body simply follows it, because the blueprint exists in the vital body.
The physical body is just an implementation of the vital body. Acupuncture works on the vital body (as does Accunect). Homeopathy and flower essences go a little deeper even, they work on the mental body. It’s almost as if you’ve reached the atomic, or even the sub-atomic level. Then it does not touch your body; it simply enters.
It’s so subtle and so small that it comes across no barriers. It can simply slip into the mental body and from there it starts working.”


Sandesh has helped me in so many ways through Accunect. I find it to be very helpful as it works from an angle that is so different to treating with supplements. Whenever I have a session done, I can already feel some shifting going on within minutes. I was experiencing quite a bit of physical internal pain and even with a remote session recently it was as though the pain just eased instantly and I felt a lot more balanced straight away.
She is such a gentle and king practitioner who really takes time to listen to a person’s story.
I highly recommend her Accunect sessions.

Melissa ,Auckland

I love to feel supported in an easily available way by the distance Accunect sessions provided by Sandesh.

When I experienced an injury to my foot – I had just dropped a board straight down on my foot, it was hurting badly and I could see it swelling up and filling with blood under the skin. I was about to teach a class and thought: This feels bad. I texted Sandesh and I was lucky that she had time to do an Accunect distance healing immediately. After sitting down, cooling my injured foot for 10 minutes I was able to teach without pain and keep walking on my foot.

In the same way I feel supported with emotional issues or other bodily ailments. It is surprising how accurate the readings are when I read the documentation of the session on my mobile fon. I totally appreciate that these little sessions are available for me wherever I am and feel very lucky to be able to receive this healing energy.

Kairava, Auckland