Magnesium Balm 60g



Our Magnesium Balm is a beautiful combination of St Joh’s wort oil and Magnesium Oil to alleviate cramping and reduce pain . It is another way of applying magnesium topically.

Transdermal magnesium supplement easy to use. Rub morning and night on abdomen and thighs.We lose magnesium in times of stress and our lifestyle has created a mineral imbalance as a base line so its important to stock up! Helpful in insomnia, muscle cramps low energy and pains. The added St John’s oil and the propolis enriching this balm bringing healing and pain relief for sore joints, arthritic pains and tingling or numb areas in the body.

Ingredients: Foraged St John’s wort (Taranaki) infused in organic Olive oil, Magnesium Oil, organic Shea butter, Propolisinfused in olive oil, Bees wax, Camphor oil, Frankincence and Lavender essential oils


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