Chakra Spray Set


The whole Chakra Spray Set for daily energy shifting and emotional clearing and uplifting.


Water has a message for the world: The world is linked together by love and gratitude. Masaru Emoto

The new range of Chakra sprays are made for these times. They carry the flowers’ blessings, Sharing their uplifting frequencies with us to remind us that love is all there is. Fear is the opposite of love. The healing power of the plants help us  to lift out of darkness and despair.   The chakra sprays carry plant spirit medicine, meaning the plants are actively co-creating the remedies . That’s how we developed along with them in our work with herbal medicine; Intuition remembered as the universal language, as all is interrelated.

“The vital body is a little higher than the physical body. If the vital body is set right, the physical body simply follows it, because the blueprint exists in the vital body. The physical body is just an implementation of the vital body. Acupuncture works on the vital body (as does Accunect). Homeopathy and flower essences go a little deeper even, they work on the mental body. It’s almost as if you’ve reached the atomic, or even the sub-atomic level.Then it does not touch your body ; it simply enters.It’s so subtle and so small that it comes across no barriers. It can simply slip into the mental body and from there it starts working.” Osho (taken from the book: from medication to meditation)

The chakras are part of our energetic body, which is maybe even more sophisticated than our beautiful physical form and a lot larger. There has been ancient knowledge about the energetic bodies, chakras and Qi flow in all traditions. Today quantum physics understanding replaces slowly the old paradigm of the Newtonian world view and much research is done in the field by brilliant people who combine the intelligence of their right and left brain. We know so much more now but there is even more to be still discovered! Chakras are receivers and transmitters of energy, their positions relating to the glands of the endocrine system.The endocrine system translates our interaction with the incoming energies and experiences into hormones which produce the chemical expression of how we feel.And how we perceive our environment has a lot to do with our past experiences, hurts, traumas, beliefs and judgements. As our chakras develop together with our body they can be undeveloped, congested, or even damaged from early childhood onwards.Every chakra has a certain role to play in our unfolding, our expression, our interaction in life, or you can say our participation.If we can participate fully, we are unfolded, mature and are resting in the fullness of our human life experience. It brings with it a deep connectedness, trust and contentment. Chakras are in this way supporting the journey of evolving into the human potential of higher consciousness, enlightenment.



I wanted to say a huge thank you for creating these beautiful essences. I discovered them whilst having a session by a dear friend who used them on me. I felt this huge connection to my heart centre and my throat during this session. Days after I kept getting a waft of the beautiful scent and it brought me back to the feeling of being totally held and surrendered in this space. As I also give Energy and sound healing I chose the whole set to use with my clients. They have been a wonderful addition to my tool set when giving Energy and Sound healing to my clients so thank you so so deeply for creating these!


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