The Beat.the.bag is a beautiful tool for Emotional Health. I feel when we say 'Mental health' we actually should say 'Emotional health', as the congested emotions are creating stagnancy in our life force. Energy flow gets sluggish, and so does the mind get disturbed, lastly the physical body gets affected at some point, often through lymphatic stagnation resulting in systemic issues, often chronic ones. It takes a new paradigm (we are heading there!) and courage, but even more we need a gentle loving approach to ourselves so we can heal and unfold. All emotions are food for the Soul, they are also indicating where we are at. Feeling them and allowing the expression is a healthy way of nourishing our organs. The emotion anger can disguise underlying grief and maybe vice versa. Beating the bag will allow to move the emotion anger, maybe easier understood as assertiveness ( meaning: You stand up for your needs and are able to firmly express NO, no longer, I don't like this) . Beating the bag at least once a week for a few minutes will support your liver health immensely. Keep doing it once a week even after you released all pent up anger. Its like brushing your teeth, working out your liver 9and gallbladder0.

The Beat.the.bag is designed so that you can hit the bag without the impact being too close to your body. The looped hose is far enough away. (Beating a cushion with fists is very different). Stand half a meter away from the bag with firm feet on the ground, kind of Qi kung posture with soft knees . Hit the bag hard while making as much sound as you can allow, at least a good martial art out breath is of great benefit, or let out a small scream (or a big one, or use words if you feel like). You don't need to feel anger for this exercise to be beneficial.

Sometimes you might reach deep enough to find underlying grief. Allow the sobbing, be gentle with yourself. After an exceptional release take it easy, lying down with a blanket to rest. If you need to talk to somebody do that, if you feel you need support contact me for my Soul Health Coaching or other sessions you will find on the website. I do distant healings too.



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