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Pine as Plant Alley and immunity blast

March 14, 2022

Pine  ,pinus radiata  , also called Monterey Pine is one of the plants which I just love for their amount of vitality they radiate (..radiata!) and the way in which they provide us with a galore energy and vitamins when we chose to add into our life and make it part of our healthy habits. Qi Kung practitioners know about the increased amount of Qi available around them and love to do their practise underneath them.

Meeting plants as Plant Allies is a beautiful way of regaining a closer contact to the world around us and specifically to our kindred spirits of the green wild. What they have to share is so much richer than mere constituents. On a healing journey we can get deeper support for the energetic aspects and underlying soul growth lessons. Have you ever noticed the sweet fragrance on a hot summer day while walking through a pine forest? What did it make you feel?

Pine needle tea is mentioned a lot these days with high loads of toxins bombarding us , but I highly recommend to have it as an inhalation at the end of a day to clear accumulated energies and toxins and possible pathogens out from the sinuses before they can reach into our throats and lungs. It works as preventative as well as aid for acute cases, reduces headaches, cough, sore throats and overall feelings of malaise.  I recommend to have only small amount of the pine needle tea as the astringency can easily be effecting our tissues in a negative way if we overdo it. One cup a day would be enough!

Pine is delicious also as an infused vinegar enriching salads or used as digestive stimulating medicine just before meals, have half a teaspoon in water.  Pine is beneficial also infused in oil to improve circulation, lovely for leg massage.

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