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We offer a unique range of sessions and treatments working in synergy with body ,mind , soul and spirit.

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In our classes and workshops we like to create a fusion out of all the accumulated wisdom and beautiful healing tools and teachings.

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With our soulful innovative herbal products, we provide direct access to Mother Nature.

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Welcome to Mana Soulfood

Urban Sanctuary & Natural Health Products. Auckland, New Zealand


We created the Mana Soulfood Urban Sanctuary as a place where people can feel safe and seen.
The nurturing environment invites the experience of coming home
to your inner centre, to unwind and heal.

In our classes sessions and workshops and with our products , we want to plant seeds of inspiration to reconnect with Mother Nature and to remember  and enjoy the gifts which are provided  so abundantly for us.
Healing is a multidimensional experience and a journey. In a unique and holistic way, we are weaving a basket for the body-mind-soul and spirit to allow the flowering of our true potential.

In our Mana Soulfood logo, the basket is the mind, body, spirit & soul -all being strands forming our whole being ,are all interwoven, inseparable. The sunflower then represents the flowering into who we truly are and the full expression of that in our lives. One main focus in all our work  is the awakening of the senses so that we start to participate again in the celebration that is life on our beautiful home planet and reclaim it for the future generations.



We work with sacred movements like Qi Kung, free dance, Osho meditations and the visual Arts
and are combining energetic, spiritual and shamanistic aspects
with the earthy plant spirit medicines.

It is our passion to share these cornerstones of soul health with everybody who comes to our classes sessions and workshops:
Food as medicine, peace of mind, creative expression, emotional health, community connection, gratitude, sacredness and celebration.

To say it with the words of Persian mystic Hafiz:
“This is the time for you to deeply compute the impossibility that there is anything but Grace. Now is the season to know that everything you do is sacred.”



Our mission is to provide an inspiring and safe space to heal and unfold.

Nature, the whole of it is a continuous ceremony, a marriage, a feast.
Guests go on changing but the feast continues, the feast never stops for a single moment. Singers change but the song remains. Except for man, nature is always in ecstasy.

– Osho

Osho and his oceanic love has deeply touched our lives and is intimately woven in all the medicines and healing work we do. 

My Desk

“Sandesh has a lovely, calming manner that I appreciated from the first point of contact. She gave soothing instructions and she listened with clarity and intention. I have benefited from the treatments more so now I have an ailment and will be interested to see, with love and attention, how it clears up.”

– Gina, Auckland